Once an individual starts up his or her business it is important for them to choose a domain name. Choosing a domain name can be tricky and it is as important as choosing the business name as it is a vital part in branding. It is hard to decide whether to choose between domains that end with .com or the newer domain names that end with .biz, .fashion etc. Moreover, most of the domain extensions that end with .com are usually already taken. However, the extensions that end with new domain extension names are gaining quite some recognition.

Since the start of the internet, .com has been the first choice of top level domain (TLD). Even though there have been other domain names, they haven’t gained as much recognition as .com. “.com” is the one domain name that everyone globally recognizes and expects to see. Due to this popularity and recognition most of the well-known .com domains are already taken.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the non-profit organization that is responsible for domain names. It has created a few domain names but none gain as much recognition as .com. However, in 2011 in removed the constraint on creating new domain extensions and since then hundreds of extensions have been created. Users can apply to create whatever domain extension they would prefer such as .chrome, .biz, .fashion etc.

Even though it takes some time for the websites with the newer domain extensions to gain some recognition, they have started picking up quite some popularity in the past year or so, with some brands such as coffee. Club leading the way. Another example of a website that has a newer domain extension with quite some popularity is Nneyah.cards. It is customized greeting cards company that was located at nneyahcards.co.uk but then decided to choose a domain that matched their branding.

If the traditional .com domain name is taken, it is completely fine to choose a different and newer domain extension. Users could choose shorter domain extensions that are easier for people to remember. A top level domain that includes your business name is a great way of gaining recognition of your business.

However there are some drawbacks of the newer domains. Approximately 50% of all domains on the web have the traditional .com domain, and thus the audience will assume that you use the same. According to marketing land, the traditional domain has double the awareness as compared to the newer ones. Therefore, you may have to spend double the amount of time and resources on branding.

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