The new domain extensions are talked about in reference with the generic top-level domains (new gTLDs). Consider for example there is a website name .com is a top-level domain (TLD), www is the third level domain and XYZ is the second level domain. TLDs are of two main types. One is generic (gTLDs) which can be used all around the around and the other is used country wise (ccTLD). In November 2013 a number of these new domain extensions hit the market. Every website could get a unique(gTLDs) top level domain. This was good for business. It not only helped people differentiate between websites but it also acted as a marketing tool.

It is important to realize that if you use any gTLDs instead of .com you may lose out on valuable traffic for your website. This is a hazard people need to think about, before settling on a brand name. It’s imperative to check for accessibility of that brand on .com. Hence, it is essential that you first try the .com variation of your business/website name and gain an advantage over your competitors. Regardless of what is the domain extension of your main site, there are no such issues under your custom URL shortener. Thus, the gTLDs are ideal because you don’t have to worry about: someone copying your brand, the SEO ranking, and traffic being diverted. Following are the reasons why the new domain extensions are ideal for custom short links:

  • They provide people with valuable information. They help to explain what you are offering. With proper use, it provides you with the chance to expand engagement. This, in turn, promotes the particular website, makes it more popular and increases your profits.
  • They give your brand an identity. You can get imaginative and creative with how you want to go about things. It can make you stand out. With a number of options available you can market yourself efficiently and effectively. It can help you directly appeal to your target audience. It also gives you the opportunity to transform those long links into short and meaningful ones.
  • By and large, genuine and related information to your shared links increases trust. This means more clicks and traffic. As there is a considerable amount of spam by sharing some information in the links you can attract users.