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6 Reasons a New Domain Extension Is a Good Idea for Your New Business

For long, business and people have been in love with the .com domain extension. With the increase in the number of .com extension users, it has become an expensive affair to find a perfect match for a new business. However, new extensions are now in the market which provides your business with matching domain names.

But why should you consider a new domain extension for your new business? Here are the six reasons:

I. They are easy to afford

Sometimes you may be willing to have a .com website for business. But oops, on checking you find it is unavailable as another person already registered it. However, the person may be will to sell it at a higher price. With the new domain extensions, you can easily, get a domain matching with your business or preferred name. As such, you do not have to spend extra coins on a domain name.

II. Highly available than the .com extensions

While you may not easily find a .com domain for your business, the new extensions do not need extra efforts. You will get unlimited possible matches for your business where you can choose. The good thing is that even if you are not sure of which extensions are available, whenever you search for a .com one, the domain registrar will give your suggestion of the available extensions. This saves you time and money.

III. Provide ultimate business branding opportunity

Uniqueness is a selling point of any business. People remember your business due to having a unique feature that they are memorable.  This aspect is what the new extensions bring in your business. For instance, if your business deals with photography, you have an option of choosing a .photography extension. Whenever the audience comes across your site, they already get an idea that you deal with photographs.

For this reason, it is easy for you to brand your business depending on what you deal with. Particularly, it becomes easier when your business name matches well with you’re the extension. For instance, .tech extension would tally well with a technological business. Also, the extension offers uniqueness which is not available with the .com extension.

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Easy to remember domain names

Imagine you operate a business by the name ‘The Yellow Pie International Dishes and Fresh Juice Hotel.” Basically, it would be easy to find a matching .com domain extension. However, when a customer or an interested person wants to visit your web, it would be had to remember such a name.

With the new domain extensions, it is easier to select a memorable domain name. For instance, instead of ‘theyellowpieinternationaldishesandfreshjuicehotel.com,’ you can easily get ‘yellowpie.hotel.’ such a domain is short and people can easily remember it as well as keeps your business meaningful.

v. Securing your domain match

Naturally, there are people who register domain names with an intension of selling them later to a new business seeking that match.  The new extensions demand is on the initial stages. However, there are signs of it becoming a booming business. Getting   your new domain extension removes any possibility for brokers to register it. As such, you save yourself from later frustrations and hustles.

vi. Business location identity

You may be seeking to have an identity with the business location. For instance, you have set up your new business in Paris or London. With the new extensions, it is easier to identify your business with its locations. Extensions such as .paris and .london are now available.


In whole, considering a new domain extension for your new business is important. The new extension helps in branding and locational identity. Also, it is easily affordable, available and easy to remember. With it, your new business gets uniqueness at a lower price saving your expenses associated with access a .com match for your business.

If you don’t have a domain already, you can find the right one for you at a registrar such as Shopify.